5 Common Mistakes in Writing

When you are writing your academic or professional paper, it is common to experience errors most especially if you did not have the time to review and proofread your paper. Remember that mistakes in your paper could spell out incompetence as a writer. It is essential that you allocate time to carefully consider every single thing in your paper.

Remember you can always use paper proofreading service, but first try to exclude these ones from your papers:

1. The It/It’s confusion – it is essential that you understand the difference between it and it’s as this can be one of the main common mistakes in writing. It to mean belong to is and it means it is or it has. Words such as they’re and their and your and you’re also commonly used by many writers.

2. Missing comma in a compound sentence – Compound sentences are made up of two or more parts and each can stand alone as a sentence but when merging two sentences, it is vital that you add a comma to indicate a pause. Remember that you are adding two thoughts so the comma is used as to indicate compound sentence.

3. Improper word usage – majority have experienced wrong word errors and this can be one of the hardest errors to correct most especially that you may not be able to see the mistake. Remember to always check the words correctly especially when you are describing as it may have a different meaning. The common mistakes in wrong word errors are homonyms in which words are pronounced alike but spelled differently.

4. Sentence fragment – this is one of the most common mistakes in writing; a fragment is part of a sentence n which is written as if it is a whole sentence. A sentence fragment has no subject or complete verb or both.

5. Usage of the wrong tense or verb form – errors can easily occur when writer confuses the forms of irregular verbs as if they continue with regular pattern. Make sure that you use the correct tense as this can result to inconsistency.