How to Quote in an Essay Correctly

Quotes in Essays

One of the most common requirements that a teacher asks for many essays is to include quotes. This is whether you’re proofread an essay that’s for a more technical subject like science or one that’s literary or English based. Regardless of what it’s for, it’s hugely important that you’re able to accurately, and properly, quote the right material. Otherwise you’ll lose points for the essay and it can ultimately harm your grade. However, different formatting styles and different teachers require different methods of quotation. It all depends on what you’re asked to do and what kind of formatting you’re using, but with that information you can determine what kind of quotation you need.

How to Quote in an Essay

The first step, and the most important, is that you find out from your teacher, or from the prompt that you’re given, what formatting style you’re using or what the requirements are. The most commonly requested formatting style is MLA, and luckily this method of quoting is very simple. To properly quote in MLA formatting all you need to do is include the last name of the author, and then the page number from which you are quoting. For example:

  • (Hemingway 68)

The name of the title, and the other full bibliographic information only has to be included in the end at the bibliography, but in the text it’s this simple. Other formats will require you to use the full name the first time and from then on use only the last name. Certain ones ask for a brief title of what you’re quoting from, but generally it’s this simple.

Using quotes in an essay can be very easy!

It’s unfortunate how often people loose points and harm their grades simply because they don’t quote correctly. It always helps to have the proper information on what’s expected from you, and with this you can figure out a way to do it perfectly and make sure that your grade isn’t harmed at all by improper quoting.