How to Write a Corporate Finance Essay to Get Accepted

How important is your corporate finance essay?

Finance essay writing is not easy; in fact writing any essay in any subject is not easy for the majority of students no matter where they are in their academic studies. Yet tutors rely on essays as the main way of checking a student’s understanding of a subject rather than their ability to just reproduce a spreadsheet or use a formula. But as this article indicates, getting your corporate finance essay right is vitally important.

Failing to write an impressive article that clearly shows your full understanding of the subject could cause your grades to slip. To succeed in any subject today you have to ensure that every essay that you write is produced perfectly.

Outlining your corporate finance essay

College essay proofreading and writing is no different to any other form of essay writing; the more preparation that you make the better the results will be. Almost every essay that you write even your corporate finance essay will have a very standard structure. You need to “tell them what you are going to tell them”, “tell them” and then “tell them what you told them.”

Your corporate finance essay is broken down into three main areas and they are:

  • The essay Introduction
  • The main body of the essay
  • The conclusion

The following sections will explain how each section should be carefully written.

The introduction to your corporate finance essay

The introduction is where you have to generate the readers interest and to tell them what your essay is going to be about. A good introduction should make it very clear to the reader what they are going to learn and should also make them want to read. Your introduction should:

  • Open with a hook; make the reader want to read by;
    • Posing an interesting question.
    • Providing an unusual fact or statistic.
    • Telling an anecdote.
    • Giving an interesting quote.
  • Explain the background to the subject of your essay; ensure that the reader understands what the essay is about
  • Provide your thesis or argument; one or two lines to outline what your essay will set out to show.

The main body of your corporate finance essay

The main body is what forms the majority of your finance essay. It should contain between three and five paragraphs each based around a single supporting point for your argument. Don’t discuss multiple issues within each paragraph, each should focus on one issue and should cover the following areas:

  • State what the issue or subject of the paragraph is.
  • Explain the issue clearly in the context of the main subject
  • Provide a clear example of the issue
  • Show why this is important

Concluding your corporate finance essay

The conclusion is your opportunity to show that you have fully understood everything that you have written within your finance essay and to prove your thesis. The following are a simple essay writing tips for your conclusion:

  • Don’t introduce new information within your conclusion
  • Don’t use any direct quotations; they should have been used within your introduction or main body.
  • Use clear and concise language; short and to the point is what you should be aiming for.
  • Summarize your main points and show how they come together; don’t just repeat what you stated in your main body.
  • Show how the points you have made prove your argument fully.
  • Provide a closing sentence that will make the reader think; a call to action or an appeal to people’s emotions.

The above simple hints and tips will help you to write a highly engaging and successful corporate finance essay that will help you to succeed within your studies.