How to Write a Research Paper

Do you know where to start when you have to write a research paper?

Writing a research paper is not something that you will be doing overnight. Most papers will take many weeks of careful research and writing and a huge amount of skill to complete. This is why so many students are asking “who will help write my research paper?” While some may be able to turn to writing services for help most students will have to struggle on and do their own research and writing. So just where do you start with learning to write a research paper?

Choosing the right topic to write a research paper

Writing a research paper or professionals copy editing is always easiest if you write about something that actually interests you. If you have an interest in the subject then you are more likely to be able to make yourself actually do the research and the writing that is required. Ensure that you choose a subject that:

  • Is not too broad; rather than “management” choose “production management in electronics manufacturing.”
  • Ensure that your subject has a wide range of materials to research
  • Ensure that you have the skills required to conduct and understand the research
  • Ensure that you have the time and other resources to complete your paper

Reviewing the available information

Your literature review needs to be as through as you can make it. Start with the main and best known works within the topic that you are looking to research. These will often suggest other works that will be more specific to the focus of your research which you can then review in turn. Ensure that you keep very good notes to ensure that you are able to make your citations in the correct manner within your paper as well as to form your bibliography.

Create your research thesis

This is the main aim of your research paper; everything that you do from this point forward will be to support your thesis or prove the argument that you put forward. Use the information that you have learned from your initial research to help form your thesis; often the literature that you review will suggest areas that are not yet researched or areas in which arguments are currently weak. Remember that you can always come back and revise your thesis statement as your argument develops.

Write a research paper outline

Outline the paper that you will write. This need not take a huge amount of time once you have completed your initial research. For most papers you will be expected to follow a fairly rigid structure which may vary a little between subjects and even different institutions around the country. Use this structure to organize your notes so that you know what you will need to cover within each section. A typical research paper will have a simple format such as:

  • Introduction; Introduce your subject area, its background and the problem. State your thesis and its importance within this field.
  • The main body; like a simple essay you need to choose a series of supporting evidence to back up your thesis. Depending on the size and depth of your paper these will vary from a few paragraphs in length to whole chapters. You will need between 3 and 5 supporting arguments for your thesis.
  • Your conclusion; this needs to summarize your main points and show how they together support your thesis. Show its importance, how strong it is and implications etc.

Write a research paper perfectly

Once your notes are organized within the structure of your paper it is time to write. More often than not this will take a series of drafts before you will be happy with what you have achieved. Don’t be afraid to write your paper “out of order”; sometimes it is far easier to write the main body before then working on the introduction and conclusion. When you are finished writing you will need to carefully proofread and edit what you have written after all the standards for academic research papers are very high and a few simple spelling mistakes could see your whole paper rejected.

For alternative ways to organize your time and motivate yourself to write a research paper you can look at this research paper video.