Learn Comma Rules and Use it Right: “Let’s eat, Grandma! or Let’s eat Grandma!”

Comma Rules

There are many aspects of grammar that people struggle with, and one of the most common and difficult is the comma. The comma can seem relatively straightforward, but when you actually have to complete complex sentences that include a lot of information or communicate many different things it can be tougher to determine when to put an apostrophe after s and how to do so. It all comes down to formulating the proper structure, knowing what you need to say and knowing how the usage of commas will be interpreted. One of the most common mistakes people make can be exemplified like this, is it “Let’s eat, Grandma!” or “Let’s eat Grandma!”? Obviously there is a big difference between the two statements, and we’ll explain below.

How to Use a Comma

To keep it in simple and digestible terms without resorting to more complex grammar, commas are used to separate clauses, and you can interpret this to mean that commas are used to separate different ideas in the structure of a sentence. In the above example, if you were to use one clause, it’s equivalent to the sentence being one idea, “Let’s eat Grandma”, insinuating that you want to eat your grandma. However if you separate it into two different clauses, one saying let’s eat, and the other directing to whom your speaking, then it becomes much clearer what you mean, “Let’s eat, Grandma”. A similar idea applies to most comma usage, if you have multiple ideas, if you need indicate the person you’re communicating to, or if the structure of the sentence seems run on, separate it using a comma.

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